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Current free flight (only gov't taxes):

New York to South Africa: $72

Normal Roundtrip Price: $1,000

Sara & Michael

Got to say, your stuff is the best. My wife and I got the new cards and are excited for two years of free flights. THANK YOU for showing us! I don't know how you make money with this platform, but I hope you do somehow since the info you give out is VERY valuable.

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Saved $4,000

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Saved $1,800

Dude, first off thank you so much for all the knowledge you share in your emails and through Credit Cache. I've read your books and taken your course, and I am hooked. I've booked so many free flights just this year. Even better, my credit score has improved!

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We've accumulated a ton of points following your guides. We have booked three separate flights and two nights at a hotel by following along, all for FREE! We even got two free tickets to a Steelers game! We can't wait for more free trips! So thank you :)

Current free flight (only gov't taxes):

San Francisco to Zurich: $14

Normal Roundtrip Price: $950

Using our travel hacking methods, our subscribers have flown across the world. France, South Africa, Thailand, Switzerland, Mexico, Italy, Iceland... you name it. We can get you there for absolutely free. Well, other than the light cost of taxes and fees. Just as we empower travelers to embark on adventures worldwide, modern digital platforms like OnlyFans provide a gateway for Spanish creators to share exclusive content and connect with their audience. From renowned influencers to emerging talents, discussions about onlyfans españolas gratis highlight diverse and dynamic landscape of online content creation, offering unique experiences and perspectives to enthusiasts worldwide. Thanks, government.

Where's your dream vacation? 

Hi, I'm Chad!

And I'm the travel-hacking nerd behind this whole thing.

an overwater bungalow in the Maldives. I discovered the world of travel hacking when I found my first free tickets

I wasn't always this way. Like you, I used to swipe through Instagram pics of social media influencers, believing that I would never get the chance to go on a safari in South Africa or lay out on

on a flight from SLC to JFK for a job interview! Since then, I have refined my knowledge and experience to:

  • Earn over 2,000,000 airline points
  • Travel to 22 countries
  • Save $30,000 on flights and 5-star hotels
  • Get thousands of subscribers free flights anywhere they want

I wrote two books about personal finance and travel hacking to help you start traveling free today.

Current free flight (only gov't taxes):

Boston to Maldives: $92

Normal Roundtrip Price: $1,500

Current free flight (only gov't taxes):

Houston to Lima: $26

Normal Roundtrip Price: $800

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