Wow! What a big weekend for us (and I know I’m already behind, but we did so many cool things, I have to share!) Firstly, we were so lucky to have two of Chad’s brothers and their families with us. Shout out to all of them for coming to visit and take on this crazy city with us! I would normally give you allllllllll of the details from our outings, but today I am just going to share the top five things we loved doing in New York City over the 4th of July weekend.

hannah with DO cookie dough5 – DO aka the Cookie Dough Ice Cream Place

This place. Whew! DO (pronounced dough) could have been in our top or bottom five depending on when you asked us. After we had already filled our bellies that evening with Korean BBQ would not been the ideal time. Eating the leftovers Sunday afternoon, ASK AWAY.

They have pretty cool flavors. Chad’s combo was chocolate chip and confetti (yum) and mine was sugar cookie and one of the seasonal flavors, Buncha Crunch (HOLLA at this because this is my favorite movie theater snack).  It was definitely an experience and if you’re willing to wait in line, why not go. BTW the line starts across the street in the evening.  I would also recommend the cheaper option –>

go buy a tube of cookie dough from the store and eat it with a spoon in front of the AC and Netflix at home.

All I have to say is that cookie dough is great no matter where you buy it.

Yum raw meat!

4 – Hometown Hotpot & BBQ

We didn’t actually know what Korean BBQ was until Chad’s brother, Derek, and his wife, Rebecca, introduced us over the weekend. You walk in and there are random columns of steam and you can hear the sound of sizzling meat from all corners of the room. My kinda place! LOL. It’s cool because you pay a flat rate for whatever you want from the buffet of options, and they cook everything in front of you. The waiter has you list off your selections from the menu and then they bring it out on a platter to cook. We didn’t even have to do the cooking! *raise the roof emoji* The sauce bar was bomb, they seriously have anything you could think of, not kidding… they even had pickle juice. We stuck to more traditional flavors like hoisin and soy sauce.

We could definitely see ourselves bringing friends or family back who are looking for a unique experience. Overall, it was a pleasant dinner adventure.

Hannah at Kellogs's NYC3 – Kellogg’s NYC

Okay this was on the top of my to do list since I watched one of those short videos on Facebook that shows you cool new food, always from a place that you feel like you’re never going to actually get see in real life, but this one is HERE in NYC. This fun little pop up shop is on the North end of Times Square. We actually almost walked straight past the store front because there is scaffolding covering the entire building. Anyways, I freaking LOVE cereal. When I realized a few years ago that milk made my stomach upset, I was pretty devastated. I only have milk on special occasions now and this was definitely one of them!

You can either choose from the “fancy” menu items or build-your-own bowl or milk shake. The “fancy” menu offers bowls of cereal with toppings like fruit, lemon zest, and pop tart crumbles. The build-your-own bowls are $5 and you can put anything you want in it. Honestly, I think it’s the cheapest dessert we have found so far in the city. Also, if you have never had Krave cereal, I need you to go to the store right now and buy a box. I could eat all of it in one sitting.

circle line boat cruise2 – Sightseeing Boat Cruise

This trip was so neat! I don’t know what has come over me, but I keep dragging Chad to the water. No joke, he asks me what I want to do every weekend and I drag him to a new pier turned park.  I never wanted to go to the water in Utah or Ohio, but I love it here.

What we loved about this boat ride was the fact that the boat was nearly empty—it was pouring rain the previous hour. Also, our tour guide pointed out a ton of significant locations on both the Hudson and East Rivers, and it was fun learning about the islands history. I would highly recommend sitting on the left side of the boat, the highlights will be to your left for the majority of the trip.

1 –  Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Contest at Coney Island

This was our second time spending the Fourth at Coney Island. A year ago, I came and visited Chad during his internship, and we decided to get out of Manhattan for the day. Our research took us here to this ESPN-broadcasted event.  It was a bummer because they had set up different security boundaries this year so it was harder to see the contestants. Nevertheless, it is amazing to watch these professionals—I’ll use that term loosely here—put down dog after dog. The crowd gets really into it and the MC is pretty entertaining. If you’re in town for the fourth and want to do something a little different, I would definitely recommend taking the trip down (PS you can use your subway card to get there).

After the contest, we had a little contest of our own. I downed 1 ½ hot dogs and Chad had 2…what a champ. It was a little less impressive, but we probably enjoyed our meal much more than those other guys. While you’re there, you should check out the boardwalk that takes you by Coney Island beach, the pier, roller coasters, and food.

coney island 4th of july

Well that’s it for our fun weekend TWO WEEKS AGO. We’ll squeeze in another experience post sometime in the next couple of weeks to get caught up. If you’re ever visiting the city, let us know! We’d love to meet up!

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