The last several weeks of our Bootcamp Series have helped you get your financial system in place. By now, you should have a solid understanding of each component of your finances: credit cards, banks, conscious spending, investing, and paying down debt. At the beginning of the Bootcamp Series, we encouraged you to understand what your definition of rich is. What is that makes you feel rich? What does rich look like to you? What makes you happy in life? How would you like to say you spent your life?


A Life Worth Living

This week we’d like to reflect on the underlying principle of a Life Worth Living. Too many people—including maybe yourself already—find themselves working at a job they don’t like, only to spend all of their cash on the things that don’t make them happy. What a waste. Money is not a bad thing. Who wouldn’t want more of it? Besides the obvious fun experiences and adventures that could come from some extra cash, you would be able to donate to charities of your choice and make an impact in the world philanthropically.

A Life Worth Living must include two things: joy and impact.



There’s no point in saving toward retirement if you never enjoyed the years that got you there. By now, you’ve seen how our simple, easily implementable understanding of minimalism at WSM will expand your ability to experience and travel more with your money while still saving. As long as you have a steady job, you will always have enough money for the experiences you love.

What makes your life worthwhile? What experiences in your life harbor your fondest memories every time you think back on them? Hannah and I have realized that we will never regret traveling. Regardless of how poor we may appear to others because of our lack of possessions, as long as we get to travel and experience rad things around our city, Hannah and I will feel fulfilled. We will contently look back on our lives and the sweet moments we shared together.

When asked what regrets the elderly have, they often respond with wishing they had spent more time with the people they love. They wish they had allowed themselves to be happier. Minimalism and the simple financial systems we help you build at WSM will keep you from having these regrets.

You are ultimately in charge of your happiness and the way you spend your money. We’ve given you minimalism and our finance materials to ensure you don’t have these same regrets. Subscribe here if you aren’t already receiving our emails and materials.



I feel kind of weird quoting him on our website, but the founder of Alibaba—Jack Ma—once said, “When you have $1 million, that’s your money. When you have $20 million, you start having problems. When you have $1 billion, that’s not your money. That’s the trust society gives you.”

I’m not going to debate the minutia here and try to determine if $1 million, $20 million, and $1 billion are the right benchmark amounts. But I do think that Jack Ma has expressed a wonderful, virtuous principle. Without suggesting that every WSM reader will become a billionaire, I do know that all of us can and will be millionaires—if you stick to our finance suggestions, that is. There comes a point when you will no longer worry about how much money you still need. You begin to consider ways that you can proudly deliver on the trust that society has given you.

I am passionate about education and the effects it can have on providing opportunity to the underprivileged. Hannah cares deeply for initiatives to halt human trafficking and has dedicated her time to stop this plague. We look forward to the day in the near future when we will be able to support these causes substantially through our time and money. What are you passionate about, and how will you deliver on the trust society places in you? What issues will you strive to resolve?


Living Now

Above all, I strive to deliver on the trust society has already placed in me. My experiences through life have provided me with a unique and effective understanding of personal finance. My resolve is to help you and others make the most of your lives, using personal finance and minimalism as the simple vehicle to do so. A Life Worth Living for me and Hannah includes helping every individual who visits our website. We want to hear from you with any questions you ever have! Please reach out – we reply to every email 🙂

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