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The NEW Wall Street Minimalist

This is exciting stuff! First and foremost, we have officially found a partner company to take over Credit Cache. We’re excited about the future of our free flights web app and look forward to notifying you as we release newer versions of the app in the future. We feel fortunate […]


The Battle: Chase Sapphire Reserve vs. Amex Platinum

Unarguably, the best rewards credit cards for serious points earners and free flight enthusiasts are categorized as Premium Rewards Credit Cards. The battle between these cards is usually fought between two competitors: Chase Sapphire Reserve and American Express Platinum. I personally own both of these cards and have been able […]


1 Minute for a Year of Free Flights with Southwest

Here’s the simple, clear, and efficient explanation of how you can get a year of free flights for yourself and a significant other or friend. Southwest offers something called the Southwest Companion Pass. It’s normally pretty difficult to get, but the airline just made it EXTREMELY easy for anyone. The […]


Don’t Miss These Amazing Offers

Ok, folks. New year, new you. In 2019, it’s time we maximize our credit card points, visit our top dream destinations around the world, and save thousands of dollars in the process. Well, lucky for you, there are a couple of card bonus offers that are so high that they […]


Hotel Credit Cards for Free Nights

Hotel Credit Cards I’ve written about some of my favorite credit cards before, and you can reference those articles in the finance section from the menu above if you’re interested (although these articles are from several months back). We generally try to prioritize opening cards that allow for us to […]


How to Save 30% of Your Travel Costs

Vacation Can Be Expensive With so many incredible airline credit cards recently, we’ve had a strong focus on helping you earn free flights. According to consumer spending data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, just under 50% of an average individual’s vacation expenses are made up of the airline flights. […]


How Two Bagels Earned Us $1,800

Barclays AAdvantage Aviator Red A few weeks ago, we let you know about one of the biggest, most flexible and time-sensitive deals in the credit card game. Shhhhh, we’ll write about it again in the future! Well this time around, we’re pretty excited to highlight another one of the best […]


Never Budget Again (part 2)

If you haven’t read part 1 of Never Budget Again, we recommend doing that now before you read on. These two posts build off of each other. Our Conscious Spending Estimates Hannah and I have evaluated and discussed what we love to do and what we don’t care to spend […]


Never Budget Again (Part 1)

Budgeting Sucks You pick up your pencil, grab some paper, and start jostling your mind to remember how much you spent last month. You write down some of your expense categories like food, dates, and clothes. You begin to look confused as you can’t remember what you spent your money […]


Travel Free and Earn $10K From Points

How to Raise a Finance Nerd – Tips to the Aspiring Parent Ever since I was a kid, money was an open discussion in my family. We had weekly meetings to understand how much my dad made and what our budget was. My parents would hold a monthly “family council” […]

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Maximize Your Credit Score

Misconceptions of Credit Scores When it comes to credit scores, I usually hear one of the following three things: (1) your credit score isn’t very good because you don’t have a long credit history, (2) it hurts your credit score to close a credit card, and (3) your credit score […]


Your Definition of Rich – 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

Welcome back! And hello to all who are just joining us! Our discussions will help you establish some of your highly *personal* core values. This week you will come to understand what your definition of rich looks like—something that surprisingly few people ever do in their lives. Then, once we’ve […]


Simplify Life, Experience More

Simplify Life, Experience More. You should adopt this slogan. Awhile ago, Hannah and I took a very serious interest in learning from other minimalists out there. We watched their YouTube videos, read their blogs, and even followed some of them on Instagram. Over and over again, we heard about awesome […]

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FAQ – You Want to Read This

Easing into personal finance is like kissing for the first time. It sounds cool, you know you want to do it, people tell you it’s awesome—and yet, you still botch it. And man does it feel weird the first time.  Just as your fourteen year-old self practiced kissing your hand […]


Introduction to Personal Finance

Over the last couple years, Hannah and I have spent more than $6,000 on videography and photography equipment. And yet, we spent every dollar guilt free. Of course, you may be thinking, “that’s crazy! I would never spend that much on GoPros and cameras.” Well, you’re probably right. And you […]