Learn how to raise your credit score, clean up your credit report, negotiate bank fees away, and earn free vacations in 7 days! We have received such a great response and feedback from you all for our Bootcamp Series! Don’t worry, we’ll continue with the series until week 15 🙂

However, we’re starting a new series of challenges soon called My Rich Revolution. This program was created because, well, you asked for it! In talking with you these last couple months, I’ve generally received very similar positive feedback. “Your website is awesome, and I’m learning so much from your posts.” What follows is always some variation of, “But what should I do?” Even with all of the informational material and guides you’ve been reading on our website, I’ve realized that most of you probably don’t need to know everything. You trust me and just want to know EXACTLY what to do. Which credit card you should get, how you should redeem your points, and how you can quickly raise your score above a 780.

Introducing My Rich Revolution: Credit Edition. In this 7-day challenge, I’ll give you simple, daily step-by-step instructions on everything credit-related. Less theory — and more direct, actionable guidance. Flowcharts to fit your personal situation, and narrowing your focus to only 1-2 best suggestions. By the end of the 7 days, your credit report will be entirely clean and you’ll be well on your way to a relaxing vacation of your choosing. For FREE.

Sign up using our form at the top of this post so you don’t miss out! And after you sign up, join our My Rich Revolution specific Facebook group, where we’ll answer your credit-related questions and you can participate throughout the challenge.

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