Getting Started

In lieu of the minimalist challenge that we posted at the beginning of the month, I thought we should talk about the easiest place to begin your decluttering. YOUR CLOSET. The great thing is that it is all yours. You aren’t sharing it with anyone else, so you can make all the final decisions on what stays and what goes.

I only have 2/5 as many clothes today as I did a year and a half ago. Decluttering my closet wasn’t a simple task. I used to hold onto clothes that were sentimental, one hit wonders, one day I’ll wear this, and just clothes that were beyond recognition. One of these particular set of items were these beautifully embroidered Ugg boots that I got in the 5th grade. Yes, I had them for almost 10 years and I probably should have tossed them at the 4 year mark, because I never waterproofed them and the seams were coming undone, and the soles were almost all the way worn down. I still love them, from afar. BTW I’m really hard on shoes. I don’t know what that says about me but if anyone has any recommendations, I will take them!

Okay so back to decluttering, IT TAKES TIME. I find that I have better success when I can set aside a Saturday morning or afternoon where I can just look at what I have. First, I pull everything out so I can see what I’m working with. As I go through my piles I ask myself two major questions: (1) Does this fit? and (2) Do I like this? My piles usually consist of “NO”, “MAYBE”, and “YES”. If you answer “NO” to either of the questions above, that piece of clothing goes into the “NO” pile and you don’t take it out.

Setting Goals

You might want to set wardrobe goals before you begin decluttering – depending on what you want to achieve. My ultimate goal is to have a timeless wardrobe with pieces that will work in many different outfits. It is constantly a work in progress, but I try! Some goals you may want to set include how many pieces you want to work with. I have a friend that works with only 30 pieces a season – it ebbs and flows with the seasons, but she never adds extra pieces in the middle of the season. When I say pieces, I mean tops, bottoms, and shoes that come together to create an outfit.  Excluding my workout clothes and sleep clothes (basically the same,) I have around 50 staple pieces and 10 pairs of shoes. If your goal is to just seriously downsize, have a mirror and some good lighting ready to help you decide what to keep and what to toss. Feel free to spread out the purging over a couple of weeks. Maybe you just do tops one weekend, bottoms the next.

Everyone will have their own method of decluttering, the only thing that I can suggest is start as soon as you can! It’s so worth it. By having fewer clothes, I have cut the time I get ready in half. I don’t waste time sorting through clothes that I don’t like and I never have a pile of clothes to clean up from rejected outfits.

Not Sure Where to Start??

My amazing graphic designer sister helped me make a simple flowchart – my flowchart looked like a PowerPoint project from the 5th grade – to help you start the decluttering process. Start at the top and follow through the questions with each piece of clothing. Download this image, screenshot it, whatever works best for you.

declutter your closet flowchart

I can’t wait to hear all about your closet transformations. Feel free to send us an email or message us on Instagram!

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