Over the last couple years, Hannah and I have spent more than $6,000 on videography and photography equipment. And yet, we spent every dollar guilt free. Of course, you may be thinking, “that’s crazy! I would never spend that much on GoPros and cameras.” Well, you’re probably right. And you also probably shouldn’t. The first step is understanding what personally brings you the most happiness. For me and Hannah, this is documenting the experiences and moments we share together.

We hate traditional “budgeting” and scrutinizing every penny we spend. So we don’t. Instead, Hannah and I have slowly learned what is most important to us and what isn’t. Then we exercise conscious spending. In other words, we deliberately drop the big $$$ on the things we love and we intentionally restrict our $ on the things we don’t need. When Hannah and I developed a great interest in videography and photography, we willingly purchased the equipment helpful to satisfying this hobby!

We use a few tools and finance hacks to keep our goals and lifestyle in perspective. Over the last few years, many of our closest friends and family have sought advice from us about anything finance-related: credit cards, banking, savings, budgeting, and investing. With time, we’ve figured out what works best for us as we have sought to live a purposeful and deliberate life. And now we hope to share these finance insights with you as we learn together!

So, really, our goal is to discover six things together:

  1. Conscious spending and recognizing what you individually value spending money on
  2. Identifying what YOUR personal minimalist lifestyle looks like (minimalists come in different shapes and sizes, and Hannah and I definitely have a few different preferences)
  3. Optimizing your financial system (bank accounts, simple spending templates, automating your finances)
  4. Stretching your income further with serious finance hacks (credit card rewards, discounts, passive income)
  5. What to do with all your leftover benjamins (investing tutorials, donations, savings, travel, etc.)
  6. Setting some guiding principles to govern your balance between quest for money and a full life without pressure to earn more

There are two ways to get rich: either earn more money, or require less stuff. We obviously prefer the latter, but we’ll also show you how to do both. Living a “rich” life is just around the corner.

With many of the same struggles that you may be facing, Hannah and I are recent college graduates with weighty finance and lifestyle decisions on our minds. Although wall street jobs are known to pay well, we have decided to live a lifestyle well below our means, without sacrificing the experiences we dream of having. We hope that you can find an expansion of joy and awesome experiences in your life as we recognize and change together the finance habits holding us all back. Check out our Finance FAQ article next! We probably answered some of your soul-searching questions there!


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