Guys and gals. I’m really excited. As much as you’re probably stoked to get this Bootcamp kicked off, set up your personal finance system, learn a ton, and get rich; I’m even more excited to teach about the stuff I love. The topics and products we’ll be discussing together over the next 15 weeks get me more excited than I was circa 1997 on family dance night dancing to Backstreet Boys! For reference, check out this actual home video of me below… it’s an old video, may take a moment to load…

Come on, that little kid had moves.

So, here’s how things are going to roll these next few months. I’ll be jamming on my computer each week putting together guides, simple excel templates, and actionable tutorials for each individual aspect of your personal finances (i.e. mindset/values, conscious spending, credit cards, bank accounts, investing, big life-defining purchases, etc). Throughout the subsequent week, you’ll work on applying the things we discuss. No excuses, I want you to be here with me 100% of the way so that—at the end of this Bootcamp Series—you’re up and running with a personalized financial system that makes you richer and happier. We can’t wait to answer your questions and hear your feedback along the way!

The part you’ve been waiting for: what topics will we be covering? Each week builds off the preceding, so you won’t want to miss out. Let’s goooo!!!

  1. Your Definition of Rich — 3 Questions to Ask Yourself
  2. Your Relationship with Minimalism
  3. Maximize Your Credit Score
  4. Best Credit Cards and Churning
  5. Never Budget Again — Tutorial on Conscious Spending (Part 1) (Part 2)
  6. Simple Savings
  7. Picking the Best Checking and Savings Accounts
  8. Basic Investing, Superior Results
  9. How to Get Out of Debt
  10. A Life Worth Living
  11. How We Do Our Finances
  12. Life-Changing Decisions
  13. Automating Your System – Simplify Life, Experience More
  14. Maintenance, You’ve Done All the Hard Work
  15. DTR – How to Talk About Money in Relationships

Pretty sweet lineup, right? If you feel like I’m missing anything, comment below and I’ll add it to the Bootcamp Series! Also, check out this sweet article where we share how we Travel Free and Earned $10,000 in five months!

At Wall Street Minimalist, we’re a community of individuals seeking to lead intentional, passionate lives. We build up and support each other! Both in using each other’s credit card referrals for sweet bonuses (free money) later, as well as directing the conversations we have on this website and our Instagram @HANNAHandCHAD. SO PLEASE, comment below on your thoughts, questions, and—especially—your success as you complete each step of our Bootcamp. This is collaborative. We’re learning together, and we need everyone involved. Subscribe below so you don’t miss any updates and can get some exclusive material later in the Bootcamp Series!

Ok, now I have a big ask from you! For those unfamiliar with my career in investment banking—my work hours are no small thing. Getting off before 10 PM each evening will be a rare occurrence. Hannah and I decided to start Wall Street Minimalist because we’re passionate about personal finance and want to cause positive, significant change in other’s lives. Despite long hours at work, I am committed to dedicating myself and time to preparing solid, simple instructions for you each week. My hope is that my efforts can reach a wider audience and impact more than just our direct friends and family. Help me get the word out! Please share this article using our social media share icons on the left side of our website (or on the bottom if you’re on mobile). Thanks for your support!

That’s all for now 🙂 See you next Wednesday!

P.S. check out our Finance Introduction and FAQ posts if you haven’t already.


  1. I’m in! Very excited to keep up with this, especially as I’ll be starting my career in a month… and having to pay for boring things like car insurance. This is the perfect time to get great advice and learn from both of your experiences! I’d love to hear your take on IRA’s in the savings week.

  2. Riley and Keenan

    Seriously, you guys couldn’t have started this at a better time We’re so excited for this bootcamp! Go Han and Chad!

  3. So excited to start the course!!

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