This week in NYC: Parks. We have been super fortunate to have extra time in these last 8 weeks while Chad had been training at work. We have been able to experience some of the beautiful gems Manhattan has to offer, and I bet you’ll agree with us. 🙂

Central Park – a given…

Central park is the closest park to where we live. So if we can sneak away, this is where we love to go. Already, we have used this awesome picnic blanket (in our picture below) more often here in NYC than we ever did in Utah. I’m happy it is one of the few things we held on to when we got rid of everything before moving to New York. Central Park has offered us walking, picnics, people watching, riding bikes, random performers, and hopefully one day, Shakespeare in the Park.

riding bikes at central park

Bryant Park

I haven’t been here long enough to confirm, but I am pretty sure that Bryant Park keeps a stage set up all summer long in order to maintain a constant stream of performances and movies throughout the week. The night we went, they had different dance companies performing ballet and contemporary pieces that were just beautiful. We exited through the back side of the park to dinner and came across all of these fun games set out for people to play with. Obviously we had to stop a play.   We definitely plan on coming back as often as we can.

Graffiti Hall of Fame

SUCH A FUN TRIP TO HARLEM!  I originally set up a trip to East Harlem to visit Museo Del Barrio (recommended by my sociology professor), but we ran out of time last week, so we will have to come back. We did, however, get a chance to stop by the Graffiti Hall of Fame. I wasn’t really sure what to expect because all we had to go off of while planning was a couple of crappy google images and an address. The Hall of Fame is in an elementary schoolyard. The paint covers all of the concrete walls that surround the play area – that includes a playground and swings. We took way too many pictures, so don’t be surprised if you see more graffiti pics, they are probably from this afternoon. We seriously felt like kids again.

All three of these parks have unique elements that really help bring New York City alive. And there are still so many more parks that we can’t wait to see!


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