Simplify Life, Experience More. You should adopt this slogan.

Awhile ago, Hannah and I took a very serious interest in learning from other minimalists out there. We watched their YouTube videos, read their blogs, and even followed some of them on Instagram. Over and over again, we heard about awesome ways to reduce our expenses and streamline our basic needs. Some of their suggestions were pretty cool, but most of them were definitely bizarre and a little extreme. You know, stuff like getting rid of your cellular data plan because you want to save $20 every month and think you can just use Wi-Fi.

Without fail, we heard every minimalist declare, “Now, with all of my extra money, I get to do so much more of what I love and my life is more fun!” Ok, so we don’t doubt that these people now lead more enjoyable lives than they did before. But where’s the evidence?! Where are the awesome experiences they enjoy as a result of their lifestyles?! Why don’t we ever hear about THESE rewards of being a minimalist?!?! I’m pretty sure everyone would convert to minimalism if they actually witnessed an increase of life’s remarkable experiences. But hardly anyone actually talked about their awesome experiences or the things they spent their money on. The phrase “I get to experience more” seemed more like a cliche, obligatory statement.

And that’s why we launched Wall Street Minimalist. We want to focus on the positive—the expansion of life’s sincerest moments—by sharing with you the memories we create here in New York. We want to help you lead a more intentional life—removing unnecessary clutter and gaining greater freedom. And we want to use personal finance as the driving mechanism to fund the stuff you love most.

Through Wall Street Minimalist, we hope to provide you with a unique and powerful combination of finance and flexible, personal minimalism. We’ll help you through the non-sexy finance stuff, like automating your financial system and conscious spending, but we’ll also teach you the sexy stuff, like earning over $15,000 in cash-equivalent credit card rewards or investing in the stock market. Regardless of where you are on the scale of minimalist to hoarder or finance guru to finance amateur, we’ll take you step by step through the process of turning you into a pro. We hope to change the dismal lens through which minimalism is viewed by focusing on the plentiful experiences a minimalist lifestyle guarantees. We’re excited for you to join our journey!

Simplify Life, Experience More.

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