Here’s the simple, clear, and efficient explanation of how you can get a year of free flights for yourself and a significant other or friend.

Southwest offers something called the Southwest Companion Pass. It’s normally pretty difficult to get, but the airline just made it EXTREMELY easy for anyone.

The Southwest Companion Pass: a certificate that allows you to take a friend on the same flight as you for free (only $5.60 in taxes/fees). So here’s a hypothetical example of how YOUR Southwest Companion Pass can work. You want to fly to New York City, and you want to take your spouse/friend with you. So you use 25,000* Southwest points to book the flight for free for yourself, and then your spouse/friend literally gets the flight for FREE without needing to use any points or cash. In total, you’ll get 2 tickets to NYC for 25,000* points and $11.20. This can work for you throughout all of 2019 on as many flights as you would like. Basically, the Southwest Companion Pass will always get you your companion flyer (spouse/friend/colleague) that flight for free, regardless of whether you are booking your individual ticket with points or cash. Your companion’s flight will always be free throughout 2019.

The Southwest Companion Pass can easily save you more than $2,000 in 2019 alone. Anytime you want to book a flight, you can take your spouse/friend with you for only $5.60. Hannah and I are jumping on this deal RIGHT NOW, because the offer expires in a short few weeks (2/11/19), and this is the FIRST and ONLY time Southwest has ever offered a deal this good.

Sounds too good to be true? Here’s how you can get a year of free flights in 3 simple steps:

  1. Apply for one of the 3 Southwest cards using the link in the button below: (a) Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier, (b) Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus, (c) Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority… of these three cards to choose from, we suggest the Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus card as the annual fee is lowest.
  2. Spend $4,000 on your chosen card within the first three months of account opening.
  3. Wait briefly for 30,000 Southwest Rapid Rewards points and your Southwest Companion Pass to be activated, at which point you can begin using all of these incredible benefits!!

That’s everything you need to know to get going. Click the button below and follow the highlighted green button link afterwards to see the 3 card offers from Southwest. And if you have any questions, leave a comment and I’m happy to help you out!


  1. Gary Garten

    Hi, I think that we may have “blown it” for my wife. She applied for the Southwest Rapid Rewards card last month and was accepted. Does that mean that she is NOT eligible for the Southwest Companion Pass special offer? OR can she go ahead with the $4,000 spend on the card and still get the Companion Pass deal?

    • Wall Street Minimalist

      Awesome! There are two sides to this. The traditional way to get the Southwest Companion Pass before this current card offer is to earn 110,000 Southwest Rapid Rewards points in one calendar year. So in your wife’s case, she could simply open another one of Southwest’s cards (preferably one with a 50,000 or 60,000 points signup offer. Once she meets the minimum spend on the credit card she already has and the new card she would get, her two signup bonuses from these cards should put her over the 110,000 points required to earn the Southwest Companion Pass. The benefit to this route is that she would then have the Companion Pass for ALL of 2019 and ALL of 2020.

      However, with the deal referred to in this article, one could simply open a single card and get the Companion Pass. But this Companion Pass will only stretch through 2019. So in your wife’s case, if she can get an offer for the Southwest card for 50,000 or 60,000 points, she’ll have the opportunity to have the Southwest Companion Pass for almost 2 years through 2020. But if this seems unlikely, she could just apply for one of these offers and she would then have the ability to use her pooled Southwest Rapid Rewards points from the card she already has, as well as the 30,000 she would get from one of these cards, to book her flight for free with points (and your tickets would then be free with the Southwest Companion Pass).

  2. Not sure I understand…do you have to open a new SW card and meet the spending threshold before you can get a free companion pass for 2019?

    • Wall Street Minimalist

      Correct! Once you meet the minimum spend in step 2 above, you should see the Companion Pass activated soon thereafter for the rest of 2019.

  3. Hello,
    I opened the Southwest credit card while they are running this great offer. What do you recommend doing to fully maximize the offer and get points for the companion pass in 2020? If I wanted to open a business card for my small business to get those additional points, when would you recommend doing that ? Thank you!!

    • Wall Street Minimalist

      If you want the Companion Pass for 2020 as well, you will need 110,000 points during this year. To reach the 110,000 points, you can have the 34,000 points from the card you just opened (30,000 signup bonus and at least 4,000 from meeting the minimum spend). If you opened the SW business card when the offer is at 60,000 (which it often is), you will get another 64,000 points after meeting the minimum spend. So with your 98,000 points, you’ll only need another 12,000 points to reach the required 110,000 in a year. If you feel that you’ll be able to spend enough money through daily spend to reach 110,000 points in 2019, you’ll get the SW Companion Pass for 2020 as well!

  4. If you already have a SW card but haven’t received the sign up bonus in 24 months (or more, I’ve had it for years), can I cancel the card and then reapply and be eligible for the companion pass at 30K miles (after meeting spend requirement of course). Or is there a time that you have to sit out once you cancel the card?

    • Wall Street Minimalist

      Yes! As long as it’s been 24 months since you first opened the card, for Chase you can re-apply for this same card and get the signup bonus again once you’ve canceled the card. I would recommend waiting at least 2 weeks to reapply though, just so you’re not canceling and reapplying so close to each other.

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