This is exciting stuff! First and foremost, we have officially found a partner company to take over Credit Cache. We’re excited about the future of our free flights web app and look forward to notifying you as we release newer versions of the app in the future. We feel fortunate to have found a synergistic team that will benefit you all as our users. More details to come as they become available!

Our online courses located here will remain online. Since announcing the potential closure of our courses, we saw an influx of users purchasing both course programs. Given this positive feedback, we hope to continue offering our courses on travel hacking and personal finance so many more can benefit from free flights and personal wealth. Give the courses a peep if you haven’t already 🙂

As for our email list, we intend to continue sending our subscribers occasional emails, notifying you of special credit card offers whenever they become available. If you’ve been with us for a while, you know these are actually legit offers and never spammy, and that we only send them out maybe once each month because we’re picky about how good our offers need to be. We look forward to continue helping you earn points most efficiently for [nearly] free travel.

If you aren’t on our email list, send us your email address using the form below so you don’t miss out on the exclusive deals we notify our subscribers about!

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