We’re Chad and Hannah! We just graduated from Brigham Young University and moved to New York City to start our careers in finance. We met, fell in love, and got married while in school. On the weekdays we are pretty busy with work, but on the weekends we become tourists in our own city. When we can get away, we like to travel to new places or try to squeeze in time with the family. The trick though is learning how to use credit cards to travel FREE without spending a dollar.

That’s why we started Wall Street Minimalist. Like you, we were tired of budgeting and finding our money stretching only month to month. We were over reading finance books that all suggested the same old, ineffective tips that you know we’ve all tried. Budget and be frugal! Stop eating out so often! Don’t spend so much money on going out with friends each weekend! You shouldn’t travel that often!

Maybe it’s because we’re part of the so-called Millennial generation, but we started wondering, why can’t we do everything we love? Why shouldn’t we be able to travel, hang out, and spend money on the stuff we love most? And this is where our mindset- and finance- shift began.

We threw out all of our belongings and moved from Utah to New York with only five suitcases. When we got here, we challenged ourselves to only buy stuff as we absolutely need it. Still no TV, dining table, or many of the other knick knacks we used to find lying around useless in our old home. And we love it.

With less crap in our lives, we now focus entirely on experiences! We travel often and see New York City’s finest. Delicious cuisines, classic Broadway and entertainment experiences, and many other unique memories like our jet ski adventure around Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.

And best of all, our mindset-shift has actually improved our finances, savings, and investing. To lead a rich life, you don’t need to know everything about finance that we do. We started Wall Street Minimalist to share what we’ve learned with you in an easy, anyone-can-do-this sort of way!

We want to help you simplify your finances so that you can experience more of what YOU love. With thousands of subscribers, we understand the ruts, time, and annoyance you’ve had with your finances. Never having enough money to do all the things you love, but somehow still seeing your savings at $0. We can help you change this!

We’re pretty chill folks, but we definitely have major goals with Wall Street Minimalist:

  • Become closer as a couple and future family
  • Learn to find happiness through more experiences and less things
  • Develop a love for every culture and place we visit
  • Serve the people in our lives and show compassion
  • Create lifelong memories together
  • Save and invest effectively toward retirement
  • Help YOU live a fuller life by mastering simple, effective finances

We’re all about giving you most of our material for free, so that you can make the necessary adjustments in your life to find more happiness everyday.

Here’s a little introduction to the both of us!



Hi, I’m Chad! I just picked up casual videography a few years ago. Generally, I have two GoPros strapped to my body and my drone hovering in the air. When I’m not coercing Hannah to do something “cool” for my videos, you can usually find me buying her cheese pizzas or plain cheeseburgers. I picked up running during my senior year of high school and since then have completed several full and half marathons. Runner’s high is real, but I like to switch things up so I’m currently doing yoga and weight training.

As long as I can remember, my life has revolved around finance. I learned the pains of budgeting when I was 10 years old (sincerely, thank you Mom and Dad), started a swim school business when I was 11, studied Finance in college, and recently started my career as an investment banker on Wall Street. Besides personal finance, I have another confession I need to make. I love credit. No, not debt—that’s the worst. I love credit cards and supplementing travel and daily expenses through credit card bonuses. Call me a finance guru, minimalist, or good friend, I want to help others find freedom by mastering their finances.

The last and most important thing you need to know about me is that I love my wife. Traveling and every moment with her is a blast.



I’m Hannah! You can find me dragging Chad to art museums or convincing him we need more dessert. I am a forever tourist (n. a person who is traveling or visiting a place for pleasure). Seriously, I still enjoy walking through Times Square on occasion. I like to be prepared,  so expect that I always have hand sanitizer and bandaids. I appreciate a good cop/spy/crime show, Quantico is my number one right now.  I am currently working at a traditional long-short hedge fund, although most of my work experience has been in social media management and SEO.  

I consider myself pretty mediocre when it comes to most things because I am constantly moving on to the next thing. I’ve dabbled in horseback riding, volleyball, flute, piano, sewing, crocheting, rock climbing, drawing, painting, yoga, leadership, cooking, business, among other things. Right now,  I am totally digging yoga. The number one thing on my bucket list is to be in a powder puff demolition derby with a hot pink car that I spray painted myself.

Finally, I love family. Family time is the most important thing to me. Whether it’s just Chad, extended family, or the family unit that I create with close friends, I cherish those moments I get to have building relationships. I look forward to one day starting a family of our own.

Thanks for visiting our website! We’re excited to share our New York and travel adventures with you. We hope you’ll find fun ideas, simple tips, and finance tricks to more fully enjoy our city — or yours, wherever you’re joining us from.

We’d love to hear from you if you have any suggestions for things we should do or places we should travel. Or if you just want to say hello. We would love to get together if you’re ever in New York City!

Yours sincerely,

Chad & Hannah